Grow food at home

  • Light

    Optimized wavelengths for effective photosynthesis

  • Water

    Efficient plant growth enabled through aeroponics technology

  • Nutrients

    Balanced plant nourishment through natural minerals

  • Temperature

    Adaptable micro climate through closed controlled system

  • Origin

    Knowing where our food comes from should be of all our concern. The way a plant is grown has a dramatic influence on its flavor. With YardCube the ingredients used to create great dishes will literally be homemade.

  • Variety

    From the over 250,000 edible plant species in the world only less than 150 make up 90% our food supply. YardCube turns around this trend by enabling to grow herbs, fruits and vegetables that cannot be bought in the supermarket.

  • Combination

    Every chef knows that the art of culinary practice is the combination of different foods and flavors to create outstanding aromas. By growing a variety of edible plants YardCube provides access to the flavors of nature. 

Full Spectrum Light

Fresh Nutrients Every Day

Natural Feel & Intuitive Handling