Grow food at home

yard - SUN
  • Light

    Optimized wavelengths for effective photosynthesis

  • Water

    Efficient plant growth enabled through aeroponics technology

  • Nutrients

    Balanced plant nourishment through natural minerals

  • Temperature

    Adaptable micro climate through closed controlled system

The Exciting Future of Fresh Food

Vertical farming promises ultra-freshness, year-round growing availability and significantly reduced consumption of resources. The first part of the event delves deeper into this exciting topic and considers the pros and cons
of existing and potential concepts.

But how does the consumer actually feel about these new vertical farming concepts? The second part of the event will focus on the deep connection between food and the soul. The “yardians” would like to discuss the future of our food with you at this event and welcome controversial views. You will also be able to experience our innovative solution — “yard1” - with all your senses

Full Spectrum Light

Fresh Nutrients Every Day