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We strive to become the go-to solution for personal farming to provide fresh, nutrient-rich and tasty food.

In order to make our vision come true we envisage to execute our plan in three main steps:

First: Build a small home farming device to grow greens and herbs to bring back home the interesting flavors that were lost in most edible plants.

Second: Provide stackable device sizes to grow varieties of different vegetables, fruits  and mushrooms which cannot be bought in supermarkets.

Third: Connect our developed technology at scale to become the ultimate food hub for growing all edibles of planet earth at home.

What motivates us?

The way how and what we eat has gotten out of control. Today, we mainly consume snacks and processed food to quench our hunger and thirst for ever more sugar, salt and fat. Science is only starting to understand the profound implication of dietary nutrition for the human short-term performance as well as long-term health.

At the same time most eaters still have a romantic image of the farmer and its plow. However, agriculture is probably one of the most tech and digitally advanced industries.

Thus, not farming is broken but rather food production and distribution. Most farmland today is wasted to grow crops (soy and corn) that are used to generate high-energy / low-nutrient food derivatives.

According to World Bank forecasts mankind will grow to more than 10 billion people on earth by 2050 with more than 70% of the population living in cities. The chasm between food production and consumption will then be even more dramatic. YardCube is working hard to provide solutions to let the eater gain back control of how and what to eat.

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