WHAT DRIVES US? Science is only starting to understand the profound implication of dietary nutrition for the human short-term performance as well as long-term health. Especially perishable food (herbs, salads, berries, vegetables) which contain most of our daily vitamins and minerals should be eaten immediately after harvest. Nutrients and with it the taste of fresh food are lost through light, oxidation and transportation already hours after being picked.

WHAT IS OUR MISSION We believe that everyone should have access to the freshest, nutritious and tastiest food all year round, contribute to grow local and organic food in a modern city and become attached to real food again.

WHO INSPIRED US? At yard we believe that everyone can grow perishable food at home. We were inspired by Despommier’s vision of a vertical farm as well as by a technology called aeroponics which NASA experimented with in the 1990s to grow fresh food in space. We combined both ideas to develop an easy to use and affordable solution to grow food at home.

    HOW DO WE START? In order to start and build a system with all its complexity demanded by plants’ photosynthesis we decided to develop a first device that makes growing herbs possible and intuitive even without a back yard. We chose a design that can fit anywhere in a modern city apartment and is part of a modular and stackable system to grow salads, berries and vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers in the future.